How to sell without selling your soul

Copywriting for Christians

For Bible-believers who grapple with the ethics of copywriting:

Here’s why you’re having trouble: you’re probably thinking of salesmanship in terms of persuading people to buy.

That makes the whole process seem suspect, and it muddies the waters when you assess any particular method or technique.

The solution is to reframe salesmanship into a biblical category. There is actually a major Christian doctrine that it fits into perfectly—a doctrine you likely understand quite well

The cover of Copywriting for Christians

I’ve put together a little book that explains this “biblical copywriting.” It’s called Copywriting for Christians: How to sell without selling your soul. I wrote it for Bible-believers who have to grapple with the ethics of salesmanship in an increasingly post-Christian world.

People like me. And possibly like you.

I don’t want to call it a manifesto, because that has all the wrong connotations—but it is something a bit like that. My claim is simple: that copywriting and salesmanship can indeed glorify God—because they are actually covered by a major biblical doctrine. A doctrine you already know, and which gives us clear guidelines for how to go about selling and marketing.

I deal with questions like:

Praise for Learn Copywriting Backwards

How can I sell effectively without selling my soul? Is persuasion itself immoral?

For years, I struggled with these questions. It was next to impossible to find authentic Christian examples and instruction.

Bnonn tackles this issue head-on — from a Biblical perspective. His crystal clear “exegesis” of the topic is helpful, encouraging and empowering. At the same time, it challenges copywriters, sales people and entrepreneurs to step up their games to a new level of effectiveness AND Christ following.

Man, I wish I had this book 9 years ago! I’m incredibly happy to have it today. Donnie Bryant, copywriter at

About the author

Bnonn Tennant, copy & marketing coach

Dominic Bnonn Tennant, an abrasive ex-South African copy coach, rams the Bible into secular marketing at high speed to see which bits survive (note: Scripture cannot be broken)

My name is Dominic Bnonn Tennant. I’m a copy coach and Christian scholar, known for ramming the Bible into secular ideas at high speed to see which bits survive (note: Scripture cannot be broken).

I’ve been a Christian since the Lord saved me back in 2004. And by “Christian” I mean that I believe that Jesus is God incarnate, that the Bible is his word, that I am saved entirely by his own merit, and that I should try to be more like him every day.

That’s why I wrote this book—because as well as being a Christian, I’m also a copywriter. Which means that being more like Jesus every day is something that takes a fair bit of thought between 9 and 5.

Over the years, I’ve developed a careful “theology of marketing” that has let me both write highly effective copy, and glorify God doing it. (Believe it or not, being a Christian is actually not an impediment to doing this; on the contrary, it helps!)

I was recently convicted to record this biblical approach to copywriting, because I’ve been encountering the same question from more and more people. People who have to write their own copy, market their own businesses, and sell their own stuff. They all have the same concern:

“How do we do this as Christians?”

Being a teacher (professionally, in my church, and in other ministries), I’ve learned to heed when people keep asking the same questions. So I set out to formulate an answer.

The result is Copywriting for Christians. In it, I outline the approach I have been using for many years now to sell effectively, while honoring and glorifying God.

My hope is that it will help you to do the same; that it will teach you to sell—without selling your soul.

Dominic Bnonn Tennant
Copywriter, copy coach &
Christian teacher

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